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Pediatric Services

Your Child's First Visit

We are excited to be your child’s dental home!

Your child’s first dental visit helps them establish a dental home and begin developing positive, trusting relationships with our dentists and team. We are dedicated to making your child’s experiences as comfortable as possible so they can receive the care they need to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy mouth and smile.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit a dentist to receive an initial dental exam within six months of when their first tooth erupts. These first dental visits are designed to establish a dental home and help your child begin developing positive associations with visiting the dentist.

Dental sealants & Fluoride

Sealants can keep your child’s teeth free from cavities!

Dental sealants help prevent cavities by blocking out decay-causing factors. Call today to make your child’s appointment!

Diet & Nutrition

Diet and nutrition help keep your child’s smile healthy.

Your child’s diet and nutrition have a big impact on their oral health. Call to learn how our pediatric dentist can help!

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Composite filling

This tooth-colored restoration repairs your child’s teeth!

Tooth-colored dental fillings can repair and restore your child’s teeth and smile! Call to schedule an appointment!

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A pulpotomy can help save your child’s primary teeth and restore their oral health.

Pulpotomy is an endodontic treatment that is most often used on primary (baby) teeth. When decay or injury reaches the dental pulp, which is the innermost layer of the tooth, patients often experience tooth pain and sensitivity. If not treated, the tooth will likely abscess and eventually require extraction. In order to prevent this, our dentists may recommend pulpotomy.

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Pediatric Dental Crowns

Pediatric dental crowns can restore your child’s smile.

Our dentists and team provide children’s dental crowns to help your child regain a healthy mouth and smile after their teeth are damaged. These crowns work to protect your child’s teeth from any further problems so that they can continue to enjoy their smile as they grow and develop. 

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Help your child manage anxiety with pediatric sedation dentistry!

If your child is anxious or fearful when visiting our children’s dentist and team, we may recommend sedation dentistry to help them feel more at ease. Sedation dentistry can help manage stressful feelings so that your child can remain comfortable and receive the care they need without difficulty.

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Special Needs

We are dedicated to providing quality dental care to everyone.

Children with special needs are often at greater risk for tooth decay and dental disease, and in many cases require specific services or additional care in order to maintain good oral health. Our office is committed to helping patients with special needs receive the quality care they need in a compassionate, comfortable environment where they can feel safe.

Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction may be the first step to helping your child regain their smile. 

You and your doctor may determine that your child needs a tooth extraction for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Severe decay

  • Advanced periodontal disease

  • Severely damaged or broken teeth

  • Poorly positioned teeth

  • Impacted teeth

  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment

A tooth extraction may have a big impact on your child’s dental health and day-to-day life. Removing teeth can lead to problems with your child’s ability to chew, their jaw joint and shifting teeth. Before providing a tooth extraction, our pediatric dentist will discuss alternative treatment options with you to help your child avoid these and other problems. If a tooth extraction is the best option for your child, our pediatric dentist and team will work with you to make your child’s treatment and recovery as smooth as possible.

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